What consumers say

What consumers say

What do consumers really think about paper and paper products? Other than public debates and urban legends, it is surveys that give people a voice and gather their opinions. Because if you want to know what people think, there’s nothing better than asking them.

Several recent studies revealed some interesting results about matters in dispute such as people’s preferences for packaging materials, print or digital media, paper or electronic bills…

The most far-reaching and recent piece of research into this topic is the Survey on Paper in Spain, conducted by TECEL ESTUDIOS-SIGMADOS for EL FORO DEL PAPEL (THE PAPER FORUM) a few months ago. A total of 1,000 subjects aged over 18 years were interviewed nationwide. These are the main outcomes:

  • 91% I can’t imagine life without paper
  • 81% paper is closer and better thought of than other products and technologies
  • 87% in a sustainable economy, paper books and electronic books can co-exist
  • 93% paper and board packaging is more environmentally friendly
  • 60% I want to continue to receive my invoices and bank statements on paper
  • 68% would use new paper products such as paper batteries, smart packaging or cellulose-based cosmetics and medicines


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