Macro-industry of the natural cycle

Macro-industry of the natural cycle

The paper chain includes –among others – cellulose and paper manufacturers, the transformation sector (manufacturers of corrugated board and carton board, manufacturers of bags, envelopes, folders, notebooks…), printers, publishers, direct marketing companies …

The macro-industry of the paper chain is an industry based on the natural cycle and committed to sustainability, using natural and renewable raw materials and recycling its products in massive quantities.

Factors, trajectory, potential and commitment come together in the paper chain giving it a leading role in the new bio-economy, efficient in the use of resources and low in carbon emissions. The paper chain begins with a natural and renewable resource, trees, that produces wood and fixes CO2 from which the cellulose fibres that make paper are generated. The CO2 fixed in the tree remains in paper products, real CO2 storage.

Paper, once used, is recycled as many times as possible and at the end of its life cycle its waste is given new purpose.

The Paper Forum was established in 2005 as a communication platform for the different agents involved in the paper chain, joining efforts to broadcast to society the commitment of this macro-industry with sustainability.


3% of Spanish GDP

219,000 direct jobs
12,800 companies
31,000 million Euros turnover



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