Bio consumption and paper products

Bio consumption and paper products




Consumer preferences in the 21st century tend, firstly, towards bio-consumption, by choosing products that are integrated in the natural cycle, that come from nature and are renewable. Furthermore, fully conscious of the need for a responsible use of resources, they especially appreciate recyclability and efficiency throughout the product cycle, where waste is turned into new resources within the new circular economy.

Paper products are natural, renewable, recyclable and bio-degradable, a curriculum that is hard to beat. That is why paper is taking a leading role in various applications in recent years as a replacement for other materials that do not have these environmental characteristics. Such is the case of paper shopping bags and cartons. This is a trend that in coming years will spread to other paper products. These environmental features are also an incentive for the paper industry, which uses eco-design to try to release the full potential they hold in order to progress further towards the circular economy.

Paper and board manufacturers contribute to citizens’ quality of life. And they do this naturally not only using natural raw materials that are renewable and recyclable but because when we use paper in any situation this is done naturally, with the familiarity bred by a daily relationship, a relationship of trust.

We can trust in paper to improve our quality of life because behind paper products there’s an industry committed to eco-efficiency. An industry prepared to play a key role in the emerging bio economy, the economy of the future. An industry that generates wealth from a clear commitment  to sustainability.

The Spanish paper industry is a solid, high-investment sector with a large export capacity, that generates stable, quality employment using local raw materials: a key sector for our country’s re-industrialisation process. Paper-making in Spain has a very broad and positive impact on the economy all along the paper chain, a powerful value chain for creating employment and wealth. Industry in the paper chain, from plantations for paper-making, paper mills and transforming companies, book printers and publishers, direct mailing firms, all the way through to used paper and board recovery companies, accounts for 3% of Spanish GDP.

Two thousand years of innovation and adapting to the market, with new products and new uses and applications, are a firm testimony of paper’s resilience. This future has already began for the paper industry, with intelligent products that interact with the consumer (heat-sensitive paper that tell us if fruit is ripe, paper and cardboard packaging that can remind you when you must take your medicine), paper batteries, fibre screens made with cellulose…


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